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7 Mile Fair Scholarship Fund

7 Mile Fair, Inc. is commencing a program to provide scholarships for employees who are current high school students at Racine Horlick, Racine Case, Racine Park, Oak Creek, Franklin, Union Grove and St. Catherine's. Employees are eligible to receive $500 or $1000 per year for higher education, including junior colleges and vocational/technical schools, as well as four-year institutions. A total of $7000 in scholarships will be awarded each year to one or two students from each of the above listed high schools.
Qualifications for eligibility include:

  • A minimum of six months of employment at 7 Mile Fair, Inc.

  • A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.5 or greater.

  • Community service.

  • Completion of an essay.

7 Mile Fair, Inc. will form a Selection Committee to evaluate applications in an unbiased manner. Each student must provide academic records, standardized test scores and a summary of participation in school and community activities. Each applicant will be asked for a statement of educational and career goals, as well as references.

Applications are available to employees at the main offices. Completed applications, along with an official transcript from the respective school, should be sent to 7 Mile Fair, Inc. Scholarship Selection Committee and received no later than April 1st, annually.

Scholarships will be presented to selected students on Awards Night at their participating high school.

Any questions please email

Good luck and see you at the fair.

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